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Product Details

SLJ-6060 Epson head UV flatbed printer

SLJ-6060 Epson head UV flatbed printer

Summary information
SLJ6060 UV printer can directly print on any flat and cylinder materials, print before no need spray coating and output image have embossed effect. It's using UV cured ink, printer with RIP software a
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product description
Product parameters

SLJ6060 UV printer can directly print on any flat and cylinder materials, print before no need spray coating and output image have embossed effect.
It's using UV cured ink, printer with RIP software and UV led light, more accurate and convenient. 

Product features:

1. Over 3800 machines sold world wide, more than any other Brand

2. Guaranteed Trade up Program makes you easy to grow your business
3. lower printing cost, each A2 cost only 0.02USD ink
4. BULK INK SYSTEM!! We don't lock you into buying VERY high-priced Cartridges!!

5. High accuracy and 0% rejection rate—computer control and automatic location

6. Good at printing intricate patterns and various graduated color

7. Simply printing process— through 2.0 USB connect computer, to print picture directly

8. Famous brand in China Market, each province has our distributor

Product advantages: 


1. printhead auto-clean: the printer have installed three LED, during the process of printing,when the LCD fund have some impurity in the ink,the printhead can auto-clean the impurity.(other printer haven’t this function)

2. the printer was easy to control,if you can use computer,you can ues our printer,we will send the manual,CD teach you how to ues our printer.

Product parameters
Sprinkler classification:
Nozzle number:
1-2 Optional
Print size:
Equipment size:
Application range:
Gold and silver copper and iron name of aluminum, crystal, wood, glass, tile back wall, leather, PC board, ABS material, plastic

SLJ-6060 UV printer 

Print size


Sprinkler configuration

  Japan's latest EPSON DX7, droplet variable technology, the largest drop 12pl, the smallest up to


Sprinkler number

  1 nozzle

Print color

  High-precision smart to print, white ink 4W + CMYK 4 color ink (dual nozzle UV ink)

Print height


Lift function

  Smart car lift

Print the weight

  Nondestructive precision weight100KG

UV curing system

  Water-cooled UV LED lights imported LED water-cooled UV lamp, the service life of

30,000 hours

Printing accuracy


Ink system

  1L×8Color, non-stop smart loop even for the system, comes with white ink mixing system

Printing speed

2Pass,18m2/hour  4Pass,9m2/hour   6Pass,4.5m2/hour                    


  High-precision aluminum platform, tempered glass platform or (suction platform)

Receive files

  TIFF (also supports RGB & CMYK), BMP, PDF, EPS, JPEG and so on

Electricity requirements

  110-240V or 220V-240V 50-60HZ 200W

Interface method

  High-speed USB transmission interface

Operating platform


Software output

  InstallShiedl Wizard Dedicated Output Control Center (Windows 7 32-bit, Windows XP pro SP2)

PP software

Working environment

  The best temperature: 15 ℃ -35 ℃, relative humidity 20% -80%

Equipment weight


Equipment size

  1670MM x1560MM x1500MM(L * W * H)


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