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How to identify universal printer uv ink quality?

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Universal printer, uv printers, flatbed printers have to use uv ink, uv ink a lot of advantages, is widely used on the market, the importance of uv ink is self-evident, choose a good uv ink print out 
Universal printer, uv printers, flatbed printers have to use uv ink, uv ink a lot of advantages, is widely used on the market, the importance of uv ink is self-evident, choose a good uv ink print out the product better, how to identify uv Chi Liannen ink, talk to you today.
Then how can we identify universal printer ink quality? Comparison of printing method to identify more simple and appropriate, universal printer ink has many quality parameters, but as long as you grasp the following three points, you can roughly outline the universal printer ink quality.
① drying time (to ensure universal mouth is not blocked after drying dye sufficient conditions)
② is easy to plug
The color value of the three primary colors (color theory based on science)
Must be identified to have a standard, using the original machine ink as a reference standard convenient, simple:
First, HP.EP original machine ink droplet drying time Standard: Under normal circumstances indoor more than 100 days will not dry up. Take a variety of colors to replace a natural water drop, placed on a non-absorbent material (such as pure water cover) calibration time to observe the droplet drying time required. If the drying time is less than 100 days, it is best not to use. The length of the drying time can reflect the length of the printer without stopping the time down, the use rate is not high should use the droplet drying time is greater than 100 days universal printer ink, once the dye is difficult to repair after drying.
Second, the universal printer ink print standard sampling (Note: Do not because the original price of water is high, worried about greater wear and tear, to know that this will help save more money in the future, there is peace of mind). Click on the desktop: Start - Accessories - Draw - draw a smaller A4 size paper box - select the screen color - paint barrel - into the screen frame. With A4 copy paper were printed, pay attention to print the print head reciprocating slightly before the reciprocation frequency. Marked after printing, respectively, the location of the selected color code in the screen, to ensure that in the identification of the same, so that the standard model is done.
With the replacement of water purchased by the standard sample method, using the same A4 copy paper for print comparison:
① universal printer ink reciprocating slightly less than the number of times before the original water, indicating that the water than the original viscosity of a large b, b tension;
a high viscosity: there may be broken in the print, b tension: ink into the cavity into the ink supply is insufficient
② contrast with the standard, there is uneven color or ink head direction of movement of the horizontal line, which may result in plug after use;
The closer the color to the standard model, the better the color reproduction performance after printing. If the color is lighter than the standard template, if used to print the photo, it will be lighter than the original photo, and vice versa.

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