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Affect the UV printer to identify several basic factors

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Many customers buy universal printer there is such a problem is that after buying the machine do not know how to identify the performance of the machine, precision, many manufacturers will not tell customers directly the performance of the machine, how to distinguish accuracy, universal printer's accuracy mainly Determined by the two departments - Universal printer and printer software, the following to tell you a few words on the universal printer accuracy of the method of identification:
First, the machine itself
1. Repeatedly print (not walking, high precision)
Playing a "cross" repeated 3-10 heavy negative print, can be completely coincident, indicating that this universal printer does not go bit, high precision, the machine OK, and vice versa PASS.
2. Small print (distinguish accuracy)
In PHOTOSHOP, CORELDRAW or AI in the set of three words in the universal printer to print out with a magnifying glass to see if there is no ghosting, no ghosting that this universal printer with high accuracy, the machine OK, on ​​the contrary, the accuracy of the device Doubtful, direct PASS.
Second, the software
To be able to provide matching color ICC, ICM curve software, but also to be able to provide, such as printing white ink RIP software.
First of all, flat-panel printers use different types of ink than ordinary home or office ink. Second, the main factors to consider the following ink flatbed printer:
1. Ink fluency
Good fluency ink will not block the printer nozzle, put half a month, the nozzle or pass.
Fluency is not good ink, the day the same day the machine will block, and some blocked very thorough, you want to wash all can not be cleaned, it is equivalent to this nozzle has been "reimbursed."
2. Ink color reduction
You can use the print out of the image effects and monitor images for comparison, the closer the reduction of ink, the better the brightness. Why do you say closer, not exactly? Most of the monitors used by customers are either liquid crystal displays or ordinary CRTs. LCD display due to its working principle of the color display is biased, and sometimes the deviation will be large, it is recommended not to use liquid crystal display; ordinary CRT image display can not be exactly the same, unless Professional CRT monitors, and related professional settings, but the price is more expensive.

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