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Buy good quality UV ink we must know the essentials

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1, observe the color of UV ink
UV ink is sensitive to UV light. If the printed UV ink continues to be exposed to ultraviolet light (such as sunlight and fluorescent light), UV ink will continue to rea
1, observe the color of UV ink
UV ink is sensitive to UV light. If the printed UV ink continues to be exposed to ultraviolet light (such as sunlight and fluorescent light), UV ink will continue to react and become yellow, which is a defect of UV ink. Unless using a specific non-yellowing or Whitening UV ink.
2, UV ink smell problem
Another indicator of the UV ink odor is the residual odor of the UV ink after printing, which still can not disappear after being stored for a long time. The main source of the UV ink odor is improper material selection of UV ink, which uses some chemicals which have higher taste but lower cost To fundamentally improve the degree of difficulty, mainly the cost and choose the right material.
3, from the amount of residual solvent to analyze the quality of UV ink
Odor in printing process, the main source of which is residual solvent in UV ink. Under normal circumstances, the residual solvent content is less than 2%. In special circumstances, such as cigarette UV ink requirements less than 0.5%, but today the soaring oil prices , Many suppliers to reduce the cost of UV ink, adding a large number of solvents, such as alcohol and toluene, up to 25% high, so that the long-term development of UV ink and environmental protection is not conducive.
4, color problems
Printed paper, if the ink discoloration, ink can be used to force drying, such as drying or placing a little time to solve, or use a neutral primer, solvent-free UV ink, solvent-free books UV ink, etc. To reduce the tendency of ink discoloration.
5, UV ink purchase costs
Procurement of UV ink also takes into account the cost of transportation issues, so choose a reasonable price, reliable ink suppliers is very important. Recommended domestic uv ink manufacturers better, such as Star Asia Paper ink technology manufacturers.

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