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Universal printer in major industries "universal"

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Deep Long Jie Japan EPSON original imported nozzle, and on this basis for independent research and development, to overcome the shortcomings of the traditional printing printing process, such as the n
Deep Long Jie Japan EPSON original imported nozzle, and on this basis for independent research and development, to overcome the shortcomings of the traditional printing printing process, such as the need to plate large quantities, to film, the finished product rejection rate, high processing costs, technology Tedious links, environmental issues. Deep Dragon Jet printer printing advantages: no plate, without flowers, color sets the limit, a molding, unlimited style, how to fight how to fight, simple operation, full-featured, just as simple as the use of household printing machine.
Universal printer universal use
1. Advertising industry: indoor and outdoor advertising production, signs, signs, advertising paintings, display boards, signs, acrylic light boxes, pvc light boxes, high-end business cards. Large to large plaque signs, substantial advertising, outdoor inkjet, as small as business cards, advertising gifts, medals, medals, cards, badges, etc.
2. More fashionable applications: fashion home decoration, glass sliding door, leather art sliding door, sliding door cabinets, bathroom sliding door, partition screen, ceiling ceilings, art tiles. Personal home decoration market quietly rising, is still growing. Glass sliding doors, partitions, printing ceilings, art tiles, etc. have become fashionable and elegant home decoration, has become a strong trend of the new era of home decoration.
3 more popular applications:
Mobile phone shell, cell phone lenses, mobile phone sets, notebook shell, u disk shell, mp3 shell hit the personalized print. Many mobile phone shell manufacturers use our machines to print a rich and varied personality of the map, but also to the customer, DIY, etc.
4 more personal application:
T-shirt printing. Now popular clothing t-shirt personalized pattern printing, portrait t-shirt printing. Printable personality t-shirts, uniforms, work clothes, couples shirts, Guanggu Shan, such as cultural shirt. Exquisite fabric print effect, color-rich, breathable, personalized printed map fashion, exhibition personality.
5 more artistic applications:
Art ceramic printing, photo studio art photos, Xuan paper painting, art painting printing, shells, crystal, wood, bamboo and other handicrafts printing. The high profits of art products attract a lot of manufacturers, and are now able to help you a hand, to your product to add color, finishing touch, significantly improve competitiveness and increase product added value.
6. More upscale applications: high-grade packaging. Jiuhe packaging, health care boxes, antique wooden box packaging, high-end cosmetics packaging, luxury gift boxes, metal boxes, and so on. These high-end products often mean high profits, and high profits often require high-end packaging to set off to highlight the noble qualities of the product.

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