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Universal printer cartridge use, maintenance and principles

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As a universal printer supplies part of the correct use of cartridges, can effectively reduce the cost of using the universal printer .... Here we introduce some of the knowledge cartridge
As a universal printer supplies part of the correct use of cartridges, can effectively reduce the cost of using the universal printer .... Here we introduce some of the knowledge cartridge
(A), cartridge use
1. Cartridge storage
1) Keep the ink cartridges at room temperature, avoid sunlight, strong light and heat storage.
2) Do not rip the cartridges' outer packing and vent seal before the ink cartridge is installed on the machine.
3) After the cartridge is unpacked, it should be installed on the printer as soon as possible, otherwise it may cause the cartridge to leak ink or spray out of color.
4) In order to achieve a good print, please use the cartridge within six months after it is installed.
2. Replace the ink cartridge
When the ink light is on, the ink is exhausted, and the ink cartridge needs to be replaced. After the cartridge is put into the printer, do not remove it and reload it before it is determined to be replaced, otherwise it will affect the printing effect due to the air entering the nozzle. At the same time the amount of ink displayed on the computer will produce errors. The inkjet printer should start printing normally within a week, otherwise the ink staying at the ink nozzles will coagulate with the dust in the paper and the air. Therefore, the use of inkjet printers should be noted that in a long time without printing, should be cleaned until the nozzle detects normal before they can start printing.
(B), the basic principles of ink cartridges
Although the cartridges have many different models and different shapes, the basic principle is the same, that is, the ink droplets are given a certain amount of energy to be ejected onto the printing paper in a predetermined position. The energy-imparting device, which we call the energy generator, is installed inside the cartridge.
There are differences between the split cartridge and the split cartridge, but when the split ink cartridge and the nozzle together, their components are basically the same: generally by the ink tank, hydraulic balancer, energy generator, drop channel (nozzle) Such as four parts.
Ink tank used to store ink.
The function of the hydraulic balancer is to make the ink in the ink reservoir produce a certain negative pressure, so that the ink can not only dip into the outlet of the drop passage, but it will not flow out by itself. The general ink tank is also designed as a hydraulic balancer. Such as hp45 # ink cartridges ink cartridge is a tension with Qi, with a balance of ink pressure. Some cartridges rely on sponges for the same purpose.
Energy generator, which is divided into two kinds of thermal spray and piezoelectric, thermal spray ink is heated to boiling, and then burst bubbles to produce jet speed. Piezoelectricity is based on the potential difference to move the tiny droplets sprayed onto the paper. Such as epson series printer.
Ink drop pipe (nozzle), ink jet to rely on a certain pipeline to guide to reach the predetermined location, which is the role of the drop pipe. It's another role is to control the size of ink droplets. If you want to say that the ink cartridges valuable, high-tech part that is drop pipe. Because the droplet pipe aperture requirements as small as possible, the smaller the aperture, the smaller the ink particles are ejected, the higher the print picture clarity. Aperture is generally only a fraction of the hair, and now the printer can eject small drops of 2ppl, has exceeded the limits of human eyes to distinguish.
(C), the use of cartridges precautions
1) The ink cartridges should not be inverted for a long time before use on the machine and avoid strong light exposure or high temperature environment
2) immediately after opening the cartridge on the machine to use (to prevent the air into the jet port)
3) After adding ink on the machine to clean the print head 2-3 times, until the self-test pattern meets the requirements
4) Many factors affect the print quality, in addition to the quality of ink cartridges also have the choice of media, the original picture sharpness, print output resolution, etc., in order to make the user to determine the correct printer quality decline
5) The printer should be used frequently, even without printing, but also to ensure that at least once a week boot
6) Do not reach into the printer or touch the print cartridge while printing

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