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What causes the universal flatbed printer to print out the color difference is too large

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When using a universal flatbed printer to print patterns, attentive friends may find occasional prints that appear slightly different from the actual colors. I collected some information summarizes so
When using a universal flatbed printer to print patterns, attentive friends may find occasional prints that appear slightly different from the actual colors. I collected some information summarizes some of the reasons for the emergence of the printing effect and the actual effect of the gap.
1 universal tablet printer itself problems. What we usually call the stability of the universal flatbed printer can be reflected in this point, a good stability of the machinery and equipment is not prone to such problems. In addition, the printing accuracy of the printer, print head, the higher the accuracy of the effect of print out the more realistic, there will be no print effect and the actual effect of the gap, which Epson print head printing accuracy, is the first choice for printing beautiful patterns.
Ink problem There are a lot of uv ink on the market, there are many kinds of ink, so customers are hard to choose when making the choice, so choose the ink provided by the manufacturer, which is why many manufacturers want customers to choose their own ink.
3. Deal with the problem. A picture to be printed also need to use image processing software to deal with after shooting, if it is due to the handling staff improper handling of the picture color damage, then print out the effect will be with the actual pattern color A big difference.
In general there is a correlation between the print color and the actual color is the above points, these problems only require our users to use more attention to the daily can be avoided.

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