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Use universal weak solvent ink, a few points to note

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When it comes to solvent inks, you'll think of the big spray used to print out-of-home advertising and the slightly pungent ink. The main components of solvent-based inks are organic solvents, which a
When it comes to solvent inks, you'll think of the big spray used to print out-of-home advertising and the slightly pungent ink. The main components of solvent-based inks are organic solvents, which are generally solvents for esters and ketones. Solvent-based inks are patented for outdoor use, and they are specifically designed to handle such inks: from the head to the line to the cleaning unit, all Made to adapt to this ink, of course, the use of solvent-based inkjet machine made the picture generally not very high precision.
The Epson inkjet printhead uses a universal printer with water-based inks to produce extremely high-precision images that can not be used outdoors, with some attractive features of solvent-based inks, little media without it, and even more outdoor There is a vast world of development, so it is in this context that weak solvent ink has started its development. The first high-precision print head made of weak solvent ink has high precision and can be applied to uncoated substrates On, and UV UV protection, suitable for outdoor, quickly became the darling of a new generation.
So, weak solvent ink can not be applied to the desktop printer? So how to use this ink, the use of what is the problem? If you want to know the previous questions, you must first understand the characteristics of the weak solvent ink.
First, the characteristics of weak solvent ink desktop printer is not in accordance with the use of weak solvent ink designed to use weak solvent ink in the matching materials, accessories are also small. Although weak solvent inks make many improvements to solvent inks, such as how to make environmental efforts under some more careful filtration, but the weak solvent ink is always a solvent-based ink, solvent-based ink some of the features still exist.
1, quick-drying ink.
The characteristics of the quick-drying solvent ink weakens what printer makes it more important.
2, the main component of the weak solvent ink is still organic solvents.
The main component of the weak solvent ink is organic solvent, so that it is more corrosive and chemical reaction than the commonly used aqueous ink, so it is necessary to use the products of high quality ink manufacturers.
Second, how to properly use weak solvent ink
1, due to the weak solvent ink some of its own characteristics, so even for the selection of even careful. Some friends use weak solvent ink, the outer cartridge leak occurs, the elbow connected to the ink pipeline plugged after the print head led to break. So with the corrosion or even for the supply of ink, especially desktop printers must pay attention to this. A long time do not use the device, pay attention to the nozzle part of the clean-up, so as not to residual volatile volatile lead to nozzle clogging.
2, the weak solvent ink can be done in some materials, coating-free printing, or by means of printer heating and other means can be exempt from coating, but for some smooth surface, ink alone is powerless, the ink will accumulate together , Can not clearly image. Then you must use a special coating solution to use with the coating of the three major advantages:
1, fast drying, the coating is prepared with special chemical raw materials, and weak solvent ink with the use of printed within a minute that is dry, especially in the more smooth like glass material embodied as obvious.
2, the printing quality is good Whether to use the coating directly printed on certain materials, mainly smooth and non-absorbent material, the effect is poor, but after the coating effect is extraordinary.
3, wear-resistant, waterproof coating ingredients due to adhesive components, so after printing the ink and the material's adsorption force is very close, far more than the uncoated state wear resistance.
Weak solvent ink has some advantages of various types of inks, is a very wide range of products, but some manufacturers put this ink amazing, it is irresponsible, good ink also need to have the right way to go Use, details can not be careless, so that we can make good use of such inks, so that this type of ink to create great value for you.

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