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UV universal printer ink classification

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The type of ink
General printer ink is divided into oily ink and water-based ink. The traditional inkjet machine uses a soft ink, also known as water-based ink, which needs to be air-dried after print
The type of ink
General printer ink is divided into oily ink and water-based ink. The traditional inkjet machine uses a soft ink, also known as water-based ink, which needs to be air-dried after printing and not UV-resistant. The UV printer uses a chemical material refined oily ink. Oily ink that is playing that is dry, anti-UV, environmental protection and other characteristics. If you want to know more about the oily ink and water-based ink users can go see why the trend of the oily ink. Today we talk about UV printer ink can be divided into several types.
UV oily ink printing effect
Different types of flatbed printers ink manufacturers choose different resins can be divided into epoxy resin, polyurethane, polyester, vinyl, acrylic, rubber and so on. Flatbed printer clear substrate different materials, can choose different types of resin ink, flatbed printer to avoid the wrong ink caused by bad adhesion. Flatbed printer is not clear material substrate, through the printing test, only to determine the selection of ink.

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