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UV universal printer operation train

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With the continuous development of modern science and technology, continuous innovation of technology, following the traditional printing after a new type of printing methods - UV flatbed printer appe
With the continuous development of modern science and technology, continuous innovation of technology, following the traditional printing after a new type of printing methods - UV flatbed printer appeared, to achieve the goal of any material print. However, in order to maximize the use of UV flatbed printer for your work, the first thing to do is of course to understand the production process. Here, deep dragon Jie for your analysis of UV flatbed printer print the entire process. This not only allows you to use the UV flatbed printer correctly, extending the life of your machine. But also make UV flatbed printer print production more efficient products, can serve two purposes.
First, determine the print pattern, and high-definition graphics into the computer, connect UV flatbed printer.
Second, UV flatbed printer before printing product positioning
A, the product on a fixed good position above.
B, make the appropriate space for the operation and print product input and output.
C, prohibit the operation and use of UV flatbed printers in high temperature places, UV flatbed printers should be kept away from direct sunlight.
D, prohibit the UV flatbed printer placed in a vibration place.
Third, UV flatbed printer cable connection
A, confirm the computer, the printer is off, and cut off the power.
B, according to the random distribution of teaching CD-ROM, CD-ROM drive, color control CD USB data cable, a power cord, a decoder connected with a computer or network interface cable connection.
C, check the voltage value on the label on the back of the printer to confirm that the required voltage of the machine matches the socket voltage of the plug you plug in.
D, confirm the above three-step operation is correct, then connect the power.
Fourth, UV flatbed printer software settings
A, the driver installation: General purchase of the printer, the manufacturer will be random with a driver CD: Window control system also has some printer drivers. You can also download the driver directly from the manufacturer's website. But best of all, download the driver from the manufacturer's website because the driver downloaded from the internet is the newest driver.
B, open the computer tray settings in the "printer", the target printer corresponding driver is set to "default printer."
C, in the use of the application process, and then according to the specific needs of the printer "Properties" to set.
Fifth, UV flatbed printer shutdown
A, before shutting down, should check and confirm UV flatbed printer is in normal standby state.
B, if the ink is full light tips promptly for cartridges, UV flatbed printer in the implementation of other work should be waiting for the printing operation is completed before the shutdown.
C, shut down, you should turn off the UV flatbed printer power button shutdown, do not cut off the power directly to the way, otherwise it will have serious consequences.
D, shut down, the application of cloth to cover the printer, so as to avoid intrusion of dust on the UV flatbed printer damage.

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