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UV printer common problems and solutions

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"Power indicator does not light" solution
1. First, confirm the flatbed printer, universal printer power cord is damaged, if damaged, please replace the power cord.
2. Remove the universal printer, un
"Power indicator does not light" solution
1. First, confirm the flatbed printer, universal printer power cord is damaged, if damaged, please replace the power cord.
2. Remove the universal printer, universal printer fuse in the power socket.
3 with a flat-panel printer, flat panel printer fuse into the test to see if there is any damage, please replace if damaged;
4. Check the flat panel printer, flat panel printer power supply box green power indicator light if the input voltage is normal, but the green light is not on, please replace the flat panel printer, flat panel printer power box.
5. Use a multimeter to hit the following gear to check the input voltage to see if it is live. If the input voltage is normal, follow step 5.
6. Check the flatbed printer, flat panel printer power cord white terminal contact is loose.
7. Can refer to flat panel printer, flat panel printer power wiring diagram for inspection.
"Flatbed printer nozzle does not print after cleaning ink"
Phenomenon: Flatbed printer nozzle cleaning and drying, fitted with a flatbed printer, print no color.
The reason: One of the reasons may be the motherboard printer control system ink is broken, can cause all the colors are not out of ink only this point. At this time can only contact the manufacturer's after-sales service staff to help solve.
"Tablet printer drawing serious, but no problem printing test line"
Encounter this problem shows that the print head is the problem of flat-panel printer, the nozzle need to be calibrated:
First of all, flat-panel printer nozzle cleaning, if it can be clearly printed on it, if the print is still not clear, follow these steps:
To calibrate the printhead: Select our flatbed printer in my computer and right-click on the flatbed printer Select Printing Preferences / Maintenance / Printhead Calibration Then our machine will automatically calibrate the printer's printhead, so repeatedly The print head of the flat-panel printer can still print a clear pattern, colorful products.
"Flatbed printer to print the test line bending how to do"
Phenomenon: flatbed printer in use for some time, the printed test line bending, this phenomenon is called oblique spray also called plug.
Cause: The nozzle is blocked but not completely blocked
Solution: use flatbed printer, flatbed printer comes with automatic cleaning function, first automatic flatbed printer, flatbed printer to clean, if after cleaning or no change, it must be flatbed printer, flatbed printer nozzle manually cleaned It's
"When the printer is printing, the misalignment light is on and the computer indicates" Media is out of ink or incorrectly installed, jammed "
Cause: The tablet did not move to the initial position to start printing
Solution: Move the tablet inside, then press the "reset" button
"The ink shortage lamp is on when printing, the computer prompts" ink is exhausted "or" the ink cartridge can not be recognized "
Cause: The ink cartridge has run out of ink
Solution: Refresh the ink chip value (short press "cleaning" button, until the car out, wait 3 seconds, then press the "wash" button.
Universal printer in the daily use will be due to improper operation of the operator, maintenance is not in place, there are some minor problems, which requires us to promptly solve, and now we will introduce several common under the tips.
"Yin Yang color printer problems"
led ultraviolet light is installed balance; universal printer print poorly thick, uneven: check the nozzle vertical is small, check whether the basic step calibration, if the use of two-way printing to check whether the two-way calibration; printer ink curing or curing effect Poor: check led lights are turned on, led lights at the bottom of whether there is ink or dust, heating is turned on, led lights power is appropriate.
Universal printer found that the ink will fall off after the material: whether the material wipe the specified coating, the material is printed after cleaning wipe the coating, the coating material is completely dry, whether to open the heating; print Times print length or width Exceeds the print size: Check whether the print image exceeds the print size of the machine, check the x-axis, y-axis positioning plus print picture length value exceeds the machine print size.
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