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We talk to you about those UV printer manufacturers

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Universal Flatbed Printer Which is better? How to choose universal flatbed printer manufacturers?
Under normal circumstances, we can contact with the manufacturers, asking manufacturers to send proofi
Universal Flatbed Printer Which is better? How to choose universal flatbed printer manufacturers?
Under normal circumstances, we can contact with the manufacturers, asking manufacturers to send proofing samples, and then visit the factory site visits, so visit more than a dozen manufacturers in order to know which product better and more suitable for themselves. However, this method is not only a waste of time, but also a great economic loss. We can identify the manufacturers by the following four ways:
1, integrity certification and the year. Alibaba manufacturers can register on the time, we know that this manufacturer is not powerful. The older that technology is more mature. Because universal flat-panel printer is modified over, mainly to fight each of the core technology.
2, geographical identification method. At present, the domestic universal flatbed printer manufacturers are mainly concentrated in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing and other places, especially in Shenzhen is the early investment in this industry and many manufacturers, as many as more than 100 manufacturers. Other regions also have sporadic appearances, but most of them are agents or small workshops that are modified machines. And Shenzhen has derived a lot of professionals specializing in the production of universal UV flatbed printers, two ink cartridges and LED supplies and other supplies manufacturers, once universal flatbed printer accessories failure can replace cheaper original accessories, more convenient universal flatbed printer sales maintenance.
3, View Universal print size printer. Universal print the size of the printer depends on the overall and partial two aspects. First of all, universal print flat-panel printer overall format to be large, if you do not have large-format printing capabilities, it means that the manufacturer's technology is not high. Again, the local look at UV flatbed printer width, if you can print the width of the material in the 1.6m or more, it means that manufacturers of high technology.
4, nozzle identification method. Universal flat-panel printer is an important component of the nozzle, UV flat-panel printing machine nozzle type and quantity is to determine a manufacturer's technical level an important factor. Currently used on the market more than Epson, Seiko, Konica, Ricoh and so on. The use of Epson nozzle equipment are high precision, but the price is relatively slow, affordable, low maintenance costs; Seiko nozzle, Konica nozzle universal tablet printer is a mid-level grade; using Ricoh series of UV printhead nozzles belonging to the high-end grade ; However, the high cost of nozzle maintenance, a nozzle of about 15,000 yuan, many customers did not accept maintenance costs, the use of Kyocera nozzle UV printing machine belongs to the high-end grade, but Kyocera nozzle is too expensive, not uncommon in the country.
Through these differences will allow you to find a good cheap universal printer in a short period of time. Therefore, in order to buy a comfortable universal flatbed printer, be sure to formal, honest flatbed printer manufacturers to buy, so as to be assured of quality, comfortable after-sale protection. Here you are recommended Shenzhen Shen Long Jie universal flatbed printer to take a look, as the industry well-known brands, deep Long Jie color printing universal flatbed printer after a decade of deep-Jie people focus, research, professional design and development, after tens of thousands Customer's use and feedback, with the facts prove that deep Longjie universal printer quality and service worth your trust!
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