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Shenlongjie predecessors, although sometimes painful

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Blink of an eye Deep Dragon has gone through more than 12 years, more than 10 years Shenlongjie and Shenlongjie employees unite as one, work together, and strive to make more brilliant career. Do anyt
Blink of an eye Deep Dragon has gone through more than 12 years, more than 10 years Shenlongjie and Shenlongjie employees unite as one, work together, and strive to make more brilliant career. Do anything, far from imagined so simple. If there is a slight difference, the entire enterprise may go beyond redemption. Trembling in this road to go for many years, deep Longjie also summed up the key to victory in the industry we can develop into today but not been eliminated by this industry, the key is to keep pace with the times.
Keep pace with the times, yesterday I saw a very general concept, think carefully, very specific. And there are a lot of living, bloody lessons validated a business if you do not keep pace with the times, death will die very miserable. Kodak Company, the last century, we have not invented the era of digital cameras, Kodak God same existence, Kodak film swept the world. It is said that the concept of digital imaging or Kodak company insiders put forward, but no one ignored. The advent of digital cameras, the original Kodak could have been remedied, but the traditional conservative like roots tied in the high brain of Kodak Company, was abandoned. And like it and Nokia, Nokia cell phones in the opinionated, alive was dragged down. After the launch of the Android system, but also that their system easy to use, such a big business will never admit mistakes, has been stubbornly old slowly die.
Our Shenlongjie company has been leading the front of the industry, new technology, good hardware, user-friendly business management, and strive to make the industry benchmarking products. Deep Dragon Jie company can do to customer needs as the first principle, and customer advice and strong technology to make more perfect products. People-oriented, advancing with the times, but the magic weapon for the long-term development of enterprises.

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