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Shenlongjie let universal printer performance more comprehensive

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From the past just made a universal printer to the present, some people have foreseen the universal printer will be toward large format, no coating, can be suitable for printing on non-planar objects.

From the past just made a universal printer to the present, some people have foreseen the universal printer will be toward large format, no coating, can be suitable for printing on non-planar objects.

Now these things have been achieved, the emergence of ultra-large format universal printers, the emergence of non-coated ink, as well as the current appearance of the drum printer. Universal printer in the direction of health, rapid development.
The future of the universal printer will be how we deep Longjie company's technical backbone and sales elite said that in the future, universal printer will be more intelligent, more convenient, without complicated debugging, not to mention the daily maintenance. Inks, more and more types of ink, focusing on the surface more prominent, especially the clothing ink, the future of clothing ink that is dry and play, never fade. Camera industry in order to cater to people who like to take pictures and do not understand photography, invented a fool camera. Future universal printer will appear fool printer, without any training, you can get started, get rich quick.
The significance of universal printers More than that, the future of universal printers will fit more industries, universal printing technology reference to our lives. Universal printer will change the printing industry in the future mode of operation, but also to society to bring greater benefits.

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