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Shenlongjie talk to you about "real" UV printers that those things

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Universal printer is from South Korea in 2002 by a group of college students independently developed modified Epson machines, as the stability of the technology has not been recognized by the market,
Universal printer is from South Korea in 2002 by a group of college students independently developed modified Epson machines, as the stability of the technology has not been recognized by the market, in the past two years, continuous technological innovation slowly open the market, as more and more industries Recognized. Slowly, when the industry is rapidly evolving, many people have seen the interests of one after another into the industry, began to refit tablet printers, think this technology is very simple, their immature technology endanger consumers, damage Is this industry, those people are damn, so when consumers buy universal printer must be careful! ! ! Do pay attention to all aspects, so as to avoid unnecessary losses! Here to talk about the principle of universal printer it:
1, modified principle
The pickup motor drive signal leads, and then add a power amplifier to drive a larger stepper motor. Then the motor position to another platform to do through the screw, timing belt, wire to move the working platform or the printer body, in fact, that is, the pickup motor into a Y-axis motor (control machine, ink e Move back and forth) only.
After the modification of the machine itself pickup mechanism is basically useless, and without affecting the structural strength of the printer, you can remove or saw off the shaft to empty the lower space to the work platform.
Because the printer began to work, through a photoelectric sensor to check for any paper, simple conversion tablet printer, you need to move the sensor to the working platform side, used to detect the platform is not close to the printer, similar to the printer to detect The paper can print the state, this time, the printer will work. This sensor can be replaced with a proximity switch, which makes it easier to handle the sensor's mounting position.
A more complicated modification is the one-chip computer to handle some things, for example, you can send a virtual paper sensor signal to the printer, fool the printer for direct printing, control the printer and the host computer is "offline" or "online" (similar EPSON LQ1600K that kind of old-fashioned printer panel operation), you can also control the Y-axis motor stand-alone work, a separate mobile platform or printer, so that in some debugging state need to use this feature.
2, modified precision
The existing modification and modification conditions, we can talk about the accuracy is limited to the nozzle of the static lattice accuracy, the modified machine can guarantee the accuracy of the original machine drag on the part of the car, we can think of it as The X-axis part (to control the movement of the machine and the car) has a high accuracy because the printer usually has a plastic grating tape for position feedback. Some older machines are open-loop stepper motors to drive the car. Accuracy can only rely on the stepping motor itself to ensure, but because stepping motor angle accuracy of each step is relatively high, and the error does not accumulate, although the drive than the accuracy of feedback almost, but also quite good.
The accuracy of horizontal movement of the Y-axis part is guaranteed because the stepping motor is also used. The most can not guarantee is the accuracy of the platform up and down position, we can think of this position as the Z axis (relative to the machine, the car is moving up and down), in general, we are manually adjust the platform from the printer position, and basic On the visual, this error is very large.
Therefore, we modified flatbed printer, can not be confused by the accuracy of this figure. Can guarantee that the printer itself we did not move the X-axis car dragging part, there Y-axis horizontal movement of the part of the Z axis can not be used to talk about the accuracy. The concept of accuracy should also be seen from many aspects, if the modified Y-axis is very long, then the accuracy will be relatively low, a friend said that the accuracy of 0.02mm, then the error is ± 0.01mm, this accuracy is very high, which High-precision industrial machine tools to achieve * Rack is a high rigidity machine frame, and through the aging treatment, and through a high level of debugging, installation in a constant temperature and humidity workshop may be able to do. However, as far as the modifications are concerned, the figure is too high and impractical. There is a suspicion of commercial speculation. To say such precision can only show that we are not very familiar with the mechanical knowledge. Of course, this does not affect everyone's modification of the printer.
3, modified way
We now have a fixed printer fixed, mobile work platform and printer movement, table fixed two ways, we now compare the characteristics of these two methods.
In the first way, the printer is fixed, in the direction of moving the Y axis back and forth, in order to ensure the printable length on the platform, the platform will grow a lot more than the platform used in the second way, The distance between the two guide rails for a fixed platform will generally be about half the length of the rails, which can be properly reduced if the rails and platform are rigid enough. Therefore, the first way to modify the machine footprint than the second method is larger, mainly reflected in the Y axis platform telescopic space. Platform movement This movement is used in many industrial machines, mainly because this method can guarantee a high body strength and processing accuracy, and the printer moves in this way, the accuracy is not high, the space requirements of the general Applied more civilian products.

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