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Deep Dragon accidentally detonated a profit point of the industry

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In China, a state of ceremonies, wedding is a very festive occasion, of course, in such occasions there is ultimately indiscipline, then buy a custom machine to create you what value?

In China, a state of ceremonies, wedding is a very festive occasion, of course, in such occasions there is ultimately indiscipline, then buy a custom machine to create you what value?

First, as a collection of private wine: With the social development, more and more people like to collect different generations, different bottles, different brands of wine, but wine is also used as a high-end gift come in handy. Deep Dragon dedicated bottle printer, you can directly in the bottle, Jiuhe print a variety of patterns, text. You can print the origin, age and history of all kinds of wine directly on the bottle and bottle packaging. Have valuable value. Universal printer can print directly on the bottle of text, graphics.
Second, as the promotion of the advertising industry (that is, the daily sales of wine): advertising industry promotion drinks generally for the purpose of advertising, the bottle is generally more emphasis on advertising slogan. Deep Dragon bottle printer, directly in a variety of wine bottles and bottles of packaging directly print a variety of advertising slogan, print speed, vivid colors, efficient output of high precision, an imaging. For businesses to save costs and create profits. Deep Dragon Express bottle printers, direct trademark printing is tailor-made for manufacturers tailor-made directly on the factory design of the bottle to be printed logo, logo, direct print volume production, cost savings and improve efficiency.
Third, as a wedding, the hotel specifically for wine: print photos on the bottle is a new business opportunity, specifically for wedding companies, wedding hotel wine promotions. And for the newlyweds on the bottle print wedding photos even more memorable. Wine bottle print photos on the one hand can be used as wedding advertising gift promotions, on the other hand can be used as a collection of commemorative collection with valuable value, this can be described as double benefit. Deep Dragon Jie specializing in the production of universal object printers can be printed directly on the bottle you want the pattern, direct one-time computer output imaging. Whether it is round bottle, square bottle or a curved bottle can print the pattern directly.

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