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Shenlongjie is not determined to kill the printing industry

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Over the past 30 years of reform and opening up, China's economy can be said to have grown by leaps and bounds and its people's living standards have been continuously raised.
Over the past 30 years of reform and opening up, China's economy can be said to have grown by leaps and bounds and its people's living standards have been continuously raised. This has also led to wage increases in all walks of life. China is a big manufacturing country. The success of family planning has brought our population under control at a good base. The number of workers has also dropped drastically and the trend of rejuvenation has become so severe that the current artificial wage can be much higher than that of machinery and equipment. Therefore, When a variety of equipment must be carefully considered under the mechanical equipment efficiency, maintenance cycle, the probability of printing defective and so on.
Printing plant due to the use of printing machinery and equipment difficult, coupled with large staff mobility. Staff recruited at least a week of training and about a month or so proficiency. During this period is not due to errors caused by staff errors lead to poor print.
All kinds of problems are put in front of the printing industry. If a good solution can not be found, the cost will be higher and higher, and it may reach a certain stage to make ends meet.
Excessive labor cost is the cancer that causes loss of profits in the printing industry, mainly reflected in the traditional printing industry, dirty and messy, ink leakage, especially water-based ink, particularly slow to dry particularly easy to get covered. There is a pungent smell of ink and so on. This makes many young people do not want to work in the printing industry. The cost of hiring also increases with hiring costs.
At this time the emergence of universal printers just solve the printing industry is about to face problems. Like Long Long Jie production of universal flatbed printer ink are wrapped in machinery, no leakage, and that is playing that is dry, the efficiency is relatively high. As a business, only with innovation can make the enterprise development. Others are already using high-tech products to solve the problem, you are still doubting that this is not true. Will the opportunity have been waiting for you?

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