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Shenlongjie UV universal printer in the end what is different

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In an increasingly competitive universal printer market, how to choose a satisfactory machine? This question tells the voices of countless customers, today's universal printer market can be described 
In an increasingly competitive universal printer market, how to choose a satisfactory machine? This question tells the voices of countless customers, today's universal printer market can be described as a situation change, quite a mixed bag, and now I take the customer experience with you Learn more about Deep Dragon Universal Printer.
Customer: There are so many universal printer brands on the market, what is your company's advantage.
Deep Dragon Jie: You said too system, then I took our new 1313UV printer to introduce you to our advantages. Printer body is made of aluminum aluminum alloy structure, high-strength aluminum alloy structure, solid and solid machine structure to ensure high-precision production printouts. Lamp uses LED cold light source UV curing lamp system, no heat radiation; Printing double nozzle printing, white ink color ink printing, to meet different background color printing, faster, suitable for industrial production; Operation using automatic touch screen control system; Is a dedicated UV ink and professional soft together to ensure long-term outdoor color clear and bright; Automatic moisturizing device: the first nozzle sealing device and automatic ink absorber, convenient and effective protection of head, and to avoid wasting ink, saving operating costs; System, constant pressure for the ink, ink performance is good, can add ink without downtime; environmental UV ink, pollution-free, low energy consumption, the real green production. Using water-cooled (water cycle) approach, air-conditioned environment in the hot summer can have a good light curing effect.
Customer: These features are good, but how does your company guarantee the quality of the machine?
Deep Dragon Jie: Our company is the first batch of 2003 Universal Printer Company, is the leader in the industry. From 2003 to now, mastered the core technology, has accumulated more than 10 years of experience, more is to train a number of technical backbone, the quality of the machine has a very strong guarantee. We Deep Dragon Jie company there are a large number of professionals for your pre-sale to provide meticulous service. Regardless of any business in an industry in the heart of a dozen years is a guarantee of quality.
Customer: I am very satisfied with these things, but the price can be more concessions?
Deep Dragon: If we can afford the range, we will pay you a big discount. But you also do not just love greedy cheap, Chinese saying goes good goods not cheap, cheap no good goods. Multifunctional printer on the market was mixed, a lot of small workshops also started this line, it produced the machine, first of all, the quality of the aftermarket did not guarantee, because it is not a regular company, you later if you want to safeguard the rights is extremely difficult.
Customer: If I bought your company's universal printer, will it be difficult to use?
Deep Dragon: If you come directly to our company to buy a printer, we will send our proofing sampler 绐 proofing and training, and our company has its own RIP software, easy to use. The company promised to train your real learning. If you need to come home in the field, we will send technicians home 绐 you debug the machine and training. Customer is the God of our company, will serve you wholeheartedly. Deep Dragon Universal printer company has been in a professional, focused, quality attitude in this industry and actively develop, I believe in the future, Deep Dragon will be farther and farther, bigger and bigger.

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