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See how Shenlongjie UV printers fueled the wine industry

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The year approaching, "wine" in the history of our country has a long history, since ancient times, are people reunion necessities. However, in recent years, due to the adjustment of various policies 

The year approaching, "wine" in the history of our country has a long history, since ancient times, are people reunion necessities. However, in recent years, due to the adjustment of various policies of the Central Government, the development of the high-end liquor industry has been very sluggish. Major wineries are racking their brains to seek new channels for development. Deep Dragon bottle printer, lock the market demand, quality excellence, ordinary bottle printing on the graphics with special significance (such as wedding photo, family portrait, children's age-old map, etc.), quickly become a recipe for the wine industry is Major wineries to open "custom wine" market powerful artifact.

Why Deep Dragon bottle printer can set off such a huge wave in the wine industry, which is determined by market demand and the special characteristics of the machine. Deep Dragon bottle printer features are as follows:

First: Machine accuracy, the custom bottle generally for the clarity of the picture printing is very high, Deep Dragon bottle printer accuracy can reach 5760 * 1440dpi accuracy, high accuracy of all printers. Meet the customer's high-definition photo requirements.
Second: the effect of printing, deep Longjie machine has universal UV, if the customer needs a flat effect can choose universal machine, if you want to print relief effect, select the UV model.
Third: model selection, deep Longjie companies have different models, according to the specific needs of customers to customize the equipment.
Fourth: Not limited to print materials, compatible with different industries, printing high precision, delicate colors, printing costs low.
Fifth: the amount of ink consumption of the machine and power consumption is small, the machine inkjet on demand, print a square full with only 8-10ml of ink, the machine's power is 35W, the real energy-saving products.
Sixth: perfect after-sales service system, customer-ordered machine door-to-door service, technicians come to home training, training to customer learning so far.
Deep Dragon is the response to the customization of individual needs, for the majority of people in the realization of a strong technical support, but also products greatly enhance its added value.

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