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UV printers these standards you all know?

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Any industry has an industry standard for the industry, which is sometimes set by someone but more often than not, naturally occurring in the industry for many years. Many of them are customer demand 
Any industry has an industry standard for the industry, which is sometimes set by someone but more often than not, naturally occurring in the industry for many years. Many of them are customer demand for the product, if customers are more focused on the needs of business executives may have to pay attention to the next. Take universal printer print quality standards, no one rigidly stipulates that it should be a specific standard, but all manufacturers are not slack, because you do not meet the standard may be eliminated. So print quality assessment is a benchmark of product quality. Today, we talk about the evaluation of flat-panel printer quality standards what exactly?
(1) color software
According to RIP and Monte and other world-renowned color software, original core software, support for 8-color printing, but also supports a variety of print output at the same time.
(2) print speed
In addition to the advanced software system, is the hardware configuration. Imported motors and rails, the new Epson nozzle and other spare parts, are used in the industry's top high with long life, speed, was the title of the Tablet PC in the "Ferrari."
(3) print resolution
Print resolution refers to the width of l inches can print out how many ink dots, regardless of ink dots overlap, the higher the resolution of ink and color dots out of the smaller, the quality is better. 5760 dpi, double the 2880 dpi, so that your prints print finer and more beautiful, enlarged and not distorted.
(4) ink
Flatbed printer imported UV ink, with light fastness, high water fastness, UV resistance, good wear resistance, good adaptability, fast drying, colorful and widely used.
(5) Levels
The basic requirements of flatbed printers is the need to have accurate color reproduction, step-color print flatbed printer with a large color gamut printed eight, but also spot color printing, which greatly meet the needs of different industries.
(6) precise positioning nozzle
Ink dots are sprayed onto the substrate to form a printed pattern through the nozzle. The position and speed of the nozzle need to coordinate the precision of the drive system gears, transmission belts, positioning guide rails and electronic control systems.

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