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Business Strategy: Customer-centric
In the "integrity, quality, service, win-win" business philosophy, advocating "integrity cast the future, quality cast glory, service achievements brand" corporate purposes, and customers achieve "mutual benefit and win-win";
Focus on the challenges and pressures customers care about, providing a competitive new digital printing / full-color printing solutions, continue to create the most value for customers.
deep cooperation
We can provide any solution to the problem of color printing technology. With our own development strength and core technology, we can provide professional solutions in all aspects and continuously develop new technologies and materials to help you increase production capacity and innovation capability. 
professional service
With its own development strength and core technology, equipment installation and use of any problems, we can provide professional solutions to promote digital color printing industry, independent innovation, excellence and innovation will never stop!

After-sales service range:

Deep Dragon UV flatbed printer which quality assurance?
In addition to consumables, the whole year limited warranty, circuit board warranty for one year.

How to get service support?
Deep Dragon Jie to provide customers as timely and convenient service support, services include: pre-sales technical advice, on-site installation, operation of technical training, application training and troubleshooting support, etc., you can also be authorized by your location Dealers get service support.

Equipment installation on the site what are the requirements?
Deep Dragon Jie for each user to provide equipment installation guide, please refer to the installation guide to prepare the site. General requirements are as follows:
1. The working area shall not be less than 7.5m X5m (length X width)
2. Ambient temperature 20 ~ 30 ℃, air humidity 30% to 70%RH
3. Air clean, no excessive dust and other pollutants
4. Power input power is not less than 35A / 220V, recommended power line diameter of not less than 4 square mm, ground voltage is less than 3V.

Deep Dragon Jie equipment purchased, someone responsible for the site to help install it?
Yes. If it is a device sold by Shenlongjie, Shenlongjie will send experienced engineers to assist with installation and commissioning on the spot when the device arrives. If it is purchased through Shenlongjie Dealer, it will be dispatched by Shenlongjie authorized dealership Experienced engineers assist with installation and commissioning when the equipment arrives. Unless otherwise agreed in the contract.

Deep Dragon Jie equipment purchased, Deep Dragon can provide what kind of training services?
Deep Dragon Digital will provide about 7 days of free on-site training. Training locations can choose to deep Longjie company, you can also choose to install the site specified by the user can be agreed in advance by the customer in the contract.

Deep Dragon flat UV printer needs to be done what routine maintenance?
Compared to many imported brands of UV printers, deep Longjie UV printer is a major feature is simple and easy to maintain. The operator only needs to wipe the print head gently with a non-woven cloth at the beginning of the daily print job or 4 hours after the print job to prevent the ink from depositing on the print head. It only takes a few minutes to complete.


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