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About Us

Investment experience in different industries:
Deep Dragon Universal Printer since 2003, the market has sold more than 20,000 domestic and foreign equipment, wine packaging industry, wine custom industry, technology gifts, metal plastic, electronic peripheral products, advertising industry, the phone shell industry, the packaging industry, clothing (T-shirt printing), ceramic tiles, furniture panels, electrical panels, screen printing, decoration, advertising and other fields has accumulated a wealth of printing technology and investment experience, to provide customers with consulting solutions.

Five different function inks are available:
Ink is the necessary consumables for printers, and our 5 inks can satisfy different investment products to meet different customer needs.
Imported high-quality supplies, can provide you with a complete digital color solutions, a variety of high-quality supplies allows you to worry-free and more efficient.
The use of imported raw materials, ink fluency is good; do not plug, through the SGS International Environmental Producer; print rich colors, the effect is lifelike, excellent color performance.

High-end equipment to meet different customer needs:
Deep Dragon Technology garment printing machine, UV flatbed printer India color management software selection;
Optional Y-axis screw control program so that the stepper accuracy of 0.03mm;
Optional high positioning accuracy Epson original grating ruler can achieve 2880DPI printing accuracy.

Humanized security protection design:
Integrated structure, the machine running more stable, unlimited repeatable printing, completely overlap will not shift, higher printing accuracy;
Belt drive, to maintain high-precision, high-definition results.

UV flatbed printer curing a variety of ways adjustable:
Single lamp, double lamp, and other curing forms to achieve matt, high gloss different curing effect;
3-4 level energy-conditioning curing control box to achieve low-calorie, high adhesion of different curing needs. 

UV flatbed printer 10 kinds of printing process Optional:
2 kinds of relief printing process:“Color + white + color”、“White + white + color”;
4 kinds of white printing process:“Shop white, white, white, white double”;
Four kinds of printing modes are available: Two-ink inner light, high-contrast surface, smooth and streak-free, big feather emergence.

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