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About Us

LongJie Technology Co., Ltd.

LonJie is a design, development, production, sales and service as one of the high-tech enterprises. Companies with professional standards and proven technology, market-leading technologies and products, the rapid rise in the industry.

Companies to technological innovation and development, continue to provide users with the satisfaction of high-tech products, we are always the same pursuit. In the full introduction of foreign advanced technology, based on the successful development of the bottle printer, universal printer, UV flatbed printer, flat round one printer, textile printing machines and other products, and has been widely used in decoration, glass, advertising, signs , Bottle wine box, acrylic, ceramic tile wall background, mug, plastic, plastic, toys, convenience, phone case, U disk, ABS, PC, PS, PP, crystal, wood, stone, leather, bags, paper, clothing And many other fields, all-round digital printing to provide customers integrated solutions to first-class product quality and superb technical services by the customer's praise.